The Magic Pot

The Magic Pot: An Animated Tale

The Magic Pot is a folktale from China about a hardworking woodcutter and his wife. The story, retold by Pleasant DeSpain, describes how the poor woodcutter stumbles upon a magic pot lying by the side of the road. It’s a beautiful pot that could be useful for the woodcutter so he places his axe inside the pot and then straps it on his back to take home from the forest. When he arrives home, his wife discovers that the magic pot can duplicate anything placed inside it and they become overwhelmed with joy over their good fortune. This magical Chinese folktale will teach readers the importance of caring and sharing. Award-winning author, Pleasant DeSpain is well known for his colorful retelling of folktales from around the globe while preserving the drama, wisdom, and integrity of the story.” (Goodreads)

This video (as written and told by Pleasant DeSpain) is narrated by Bethany Eyrich with illustrations, animation, and music by Tom Wrenn.