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Pleasant's Work:

Everyone has a story to tell.  Stories connect our past, present and potential future.  Pleasant DeSpain has the experience and talent to entertain, inspire and educate today’s leaders of all ages.  He provides tales, tools and techniques, enhancing literacy and enriching lives.

  • Pleasant travels the world having adventures and collecting stories.
  • Author of 18 award-winning, multicultural story collections and picture books.
  • Created original & individual stories for Harcourt School Publishers, Straight Line Editorial Development Corp., Perfection Learning Corp., INK Inc. Publishing Services, and Houghton Mifflin School Division.
  • Taught speech-literature-drama for six years in three universities.
  • Wrote, produced and hosted an award winning program on KING TV, Seattle.  169 shows in five years. (Pleasant Journeys)
  • Wrote a syndicated story column for The Seattle Times & seven other newspapers.
  • Named “Seattle’s Resident Storyteller,” by the mayor.
  • Selected by every school district in Washington State, & by educators, arts councils and professional organizations throughout the United States.
  • Honored by the National Speakers and National Storytellers Associations.
  • Signature story, “Old Joe & the Carpenter,” chosen for an IBM sponsored placement into every elementary school in the U.S.
  • Created the “Eight Point Plan for Young Authors,” & presented it to hundreds of thousands of children & adults